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  • CCDS Demerara Sugar, 500 grams
  • Pale, delicate and large-grained, demerara sugar can be a rich, sparkling finish to top cookies, simple cakes or bread puddings, eliminating the need for frostings or drizzles.
  • Used in Europe as a table sugar, it adds deep flavours to breakfast cereals, yogurts, or a steaming cup of morning coffee.
  • Sourced from a plantation where it is made from sugar cane grown in rich, volcanic soil making it rich in minerals, CCDS Demerara Sugar tastes good and is great for you.
  • Great for sprinkling on cheesecake bases, baked crumbles, fruit desserts and when making cookies!
  • CCDS Demerara sugar is not refined, so it has a rich, creamy molasses flavour. 


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